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Solar Panel Roof


Solar energy is the most abundant and cleanest renewable energy source available to generate electricity for industrial, commercial, and domestic use.

Deploying solar PV technology in utility-scale and off-grid solar power plants and rooftop systems.

Photovoltaic (PV) technologies include monocrystalline silicon panels, polycrystalline silicon panels, and thin-film panels based on the customer’s needs.

Concentrated solar power (CSP) systems using mirrors to concentrate a big area of sunlight onto a very small area and use oil or molten salt to store heat and generate steam which runs the turbines to generate electricity.

Solar for Businesses

  • Solar Modules

  • Solar Distribution Boards

  • Solar Inverters

  • Main Distribution Boards

  • Energy Meters

Solar Energy


Wind energy has three major applications: land-based, distributed, and offshore.

The majority of turbines are installed on land. And land-based wind energy is one of the lowest-cost sources of electricity generation.

Distributed Wind Energy Powers Remote and Local Communities.

Distributed wind energy is a distributed energy resource producing a smaller-scale unit of power comprising one or more wind turbines.

These land-based turbines are operating locally to provide energy for individual buildings or smaller communities.

Complete Wind Power Solutions

Wind turbines, hubs, blades, and all you need for building your own wind turbine or buying a complete wind turbine solution for your home or business

  • Wind Turbine Kits

  •  Wind Turbines

  •  Wind Turbine Blades

  •  PMAs and PMGs

  •  Towers

  •  Hubs and Hub Adapters

  •  Wind Turbine Tails

  •  Brake Switches

  •  Divert Dump Loads

  •  Parts & Hardware

Wind Turbines
Wind Energy
Hydroelectric Plant



Hydropower plants, from high and low head to storage and run-of-river

Hydropower production - from initial studies to design, management, construction, installation, maintenance, operation, and training.

Hydropower plays a critical role in decarbonizing the power system as it generates more electricity than all other renewable technologies combined and is expected to remain the world’s largest source of renewable electricity generation for the current decade. 


Hydro Solutions and Services: 

  • Complete turnkey solutions for new plants and the installed base

  • Individual equipment 

  • full range of hydro turbines


Maintain plant availability and efficiency, increase plant performance over the course of its lifetime.

Hydropower Plant Assessment

  • Diagnosis

  • Lifetime Forecast Analyse

  • Condition Assessment & Audit

Hydropower Maintenance

Hydropower Plant Upgrades


Large Hydro Generators are customized as per the customer’s needs.

  • Medium and  Large Hydro Generator

  • Motor Generator

  • Variable Speed Hydro Generator

Hydro Control Systems

  • Hydro distributed control systems

  • Hydro turbine speed governing system

  • Oil pressure unit

Hydro-Mechanical Equipment


Digital Hydro includes sensors, data acquisition, data collection & data management systems, predictive analytics, software solutions with advanced user experience, consultancy and advisory services.

Hydro Energy
Green Hydrogen
Green Hydrogen


Green Hydrogen the fuel of the future is a clean energy source that only emits water vapor leaving no residue in the air, unlike fossil fuels. 

Green hydrogen is mainly hydrogen produced from water electrolysis powered by renewable electricity.

Hydrogen Fueling


Hydrogen Refueling Station (HRS)

Designed and built as per customer needs.

Multipurpose and compact

Hydrogen compression, Cooling, Gas control on one platform

Highest industrial standards followed and maintained

Back to Back fill capacity

70 MPa and 35 MPa options



Smart grids

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