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Electric Vehicle Charger


Ultra Fast Charging (UFC) Infrastructure

Pain point for EV users and Infrastructure

  • Finding an available UFC station when needed.

  • Electricity demand peak and substation grid power dimensioning.

Pain Relief

  • Cloud-based control centre (Big Data).

  • Pulse charging system.

AST New Energy is an innovative company dedicated to the EV charging industry.

Through continuous technical innovation and marketing accumulation, AST New Energy has grown to be a professional supplier of EV charging infrastructure and solutions, capable of independent development from product Build and Operate to product Transfer (BOT).

We offer Reliable and Fast EV charging solutions with high-quality AC wall boxes, reliable DC fast charging stations, electric bus charging systems.

E-Mobility Infrastructure

Smart charging terminals for manned and unmanned vehicles.

Cloud-based control centre.

IoT-powered infrastructure.

Adaptable battery charging infrastructure.

Connected charging site:  capacity, yield, comfort-delays management.


E-Mobility Technology

Data on driving and charging patterns need to be collected and analysed in order to identify the best locations and roll-out of charging stations.

Machine learning techniques to analyse large datasets are an obvious tool to aid such analysis.

AST New Energy solution will take over the whole decision-making process for:
1. Find out charging poles in your preferences.
2. Something around the charging pole for shop nearby.
3. Negotiate the charging electricity price.
4. Book your slot at the charging station.

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